Burlington Gate

Houston Cox were asked to match the oak flooring board for stair treads and landings at Burlington Gate.

This finish was achieved through a sampling process which then proceeded to design a stair tread that would meet the design intent but closely match the flooring. This was completed with a tonged, mitred join to the stair nosing which joined the tread and riser as one which was clicked into a ply pattress within the steel staircases, this allowed the stair treads to fit perfectly whilst giving us the option to remove as required.

The original design intent drawings with limited details were evolved through Houston Cox’s internal design team with buildability, ascetic & fire regulations taken into consideration with a stunning end result.

The units consisted of factory paint finished panelling with a bespoke bronze powder coated steel enclosure to house the bi fuel fire units. Hidden access panels were introduced to access ducting and M & E with in the carcass.

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