St George

The Tower

The sky garden screens comprised of three frame sections in either American black walnut or oak and are the full height of the room space. They are all glazed with laminated glass, two fixed frame sections and one sliding door, with one of the fixed frames set at ninety degrees to the sliding doors. The fixed screen acts as a stop for the sliding door and was housed internally for invisible operating cables.

The sliding door is operated by a top fixed automated system housed in the ceiling void. The door operation is a push button system, one set to the outer and one to the inner side of the sky garden space. The door operation was designed with a two stage open/close system to avoid entrapment. When the door has an open/close request it travels to the first stop position which is approximately 100mm short of the frames crossing or within 150mm of final closing position, you then have to actively push the button before the door will continue to open/close until it reaches its home position for fully opened or closed.

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