Houston Cox believes it is the absolute right of every person employed by our company to be safe
at their place of work. We have the objective of being an incident and accident free company and
will not rest until we have achieved this aim.

We have robust health and safety practices and procedures for our workforce and supply chain that are
supported by our senior management team with advice from our full-time safety team. Safety
objectives and targets are established and reviewed on a regular basis and include:

  • Setting annual targets towards a zero accident rate
  • Ensuring that appropriate training is available to all employees
  • Identifying and assessing hazards and near misses and applying the necessary controls
  • Comprehensive and effective consultation between directors and employees.

We recognise that successful health and safety management can only be achieved with the
support and commitment of our employees. All employees are actively encouraged to take
ownership of health and safety and empowered to assist in decision making.

Our Integrated Management System is accredited to OHSAS 18001. This management system
provides the framework and procedures to help identify and control our Health and Safety risks,
reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance.