Burlington Gate

Houston Cox supplied and installed the mirrored cabinets and bespoke vanity units split into different specified high end apartments.
For the main bathrooms a dark stained oak veneer portal with integrated LED illumination, the LED units housed 2 strips of Led  lights to eliminate any dark patches. Inside the portals we had a cantilevered drawer unit with built in soft close runners to give a seamless look all finished to match the portal, mirrored cabinets above had a powder coated subframe & fluted aluminium horizontal feature trim in a bronze paint finish. Units had integrated demista pads & internal sockets. As access was required in various locations so HCC built in horizontal & vertical access panels rebated into the cabinetry to appear invisible at first glance.

The ensuite bathrooms had a completely different aesthetic with black external carcass’s and a bold matt black aluminium light box’s recessed back into the cabinetry, once again the cabinets needed to be recessed into the wall which required a fair amount of design co-ordination with the proceeding trades. As the cabinetry was so bespoke we were able to have minimal negative details between ceilings and walls to keep that high end look. All of the above was produced via Houston Cox’s design development based on architects basic drawings but the results speak for themselves.

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