St George

The Tower

The base vanity units are varied in design and in length depending on location within apartment types and are finished with a Wilson art laminate, textured with a horizontal pattern and black in colour which required the laminate to be matched across the width of the unit. The unit comprised of a panel through that the WC/bidet was fixed to with a metal support system and access panel above. Double unit doors when opened, revealed a lower storage area again with access panels to the back with a hidden upper drawer, all finished with the same laminate with unit carcass finished in black.

The unit also included a double recessed toilet roll space and support for a stone vanity sink above. Above the base unit is a wall unit, sized to match the length of the base unit and comprised of mirrored faced doors with recessed heated pads set in behind the mirrors, with specially designed wire transfer loop to driver units set above the unit. Internally the units are finished in black laminate and housed a shaving mirror with light, operated on door opening and a shaver socket and glass shelving. The wall unit has LED lighting to the top and bottom.

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