Battersea Power Station

The wall panelling for this project fell into three categories.

First, the flat wall panels to the entrance areas, these comprised of paint finish lacquered lower panels with seamless upper panels prepared for applying a graphic design.

Second, the wall panels to a full height centre core to the staircase, this involved installing the actual core construction substrate for the finished paint lacquered panels all specifically sized to fit around the stair core.

Finally the panels applied to the doors in the service areas to the building, these panels were designed with a pattern of feature grooves that mirrored on each panel in turn, again were paint lacquered finish with secret fixings.

The entrance feature wall presented a unique challenge as the pyramid type of design did not allow for a panel type install, and required a 3D Cad design to determine each pyramid shape and true edge and face length.

Once designed each individual pyramid was constructed, lacquered finished, and applied on site to a pre-fixed back board with corresponding battens to accept the finished pyramids.

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