Burlington Gate

These wall panels were a very complex construction partly due to the lengths of oak required and how small the finished profile needed to be. Houston cox had to source the euro oak throughout Europe in order to find prime sections of lumber but also long lengths as the share quantity and height in some instances went beyond locally sourced product.
The panels were constructed from a combination of routed out MDF panels, metal work and euro oak. The MDF was first run out on the CNC machine with evenly spaced grooves and sprayed in a matt black finish, the oak slats had been machined to a 10 x 20mm profile with a tongue join to the rear, these were then individually stained and a fire lacquer applied before they could be inserted in the MDF substrate.

The next process was to install matt black powder coated aluminium angle to the perimeter of the panels thus creating a frame and internal negative detail. This process was repeated for close to 700 panels ranging from 90 x 700mm to 4000mm x 2670mm. Houston Cox also introduced a flexible control joint at the intersection of the two blocks to litigate movement of the cladding where it was fitted across this area.

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